About Me

I help business grow online with Digital Marketing

I am a digital Marketing consultant, web developer, and content writer working with companies around the globe since 2018. I help SMBs build a strong and secure online presence and grow their business online.

I’m Shehriar Ahmad, an accomplished Digital Marketing Specialist with 5 years of expertise spanning SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Strategy, and Web Development. Holding a Software Engineering degree, I merge technical prowess with creative finesse to craft impactful digital solutions.


My SEO proficiency encompasses crafting meticulous strategies, refining On-Page and Technical SEO, optimizing content for search engines, and adeptly handling post-Google Core Update recovery. In Social Media Marketing, I architect data-driven strategies, manage Meta Business Suite, drive social commerce, and excel in PPC ads and organic growth. As a Content Marketer, I strategize, write, optimize, and distribute content, seamlessly blending creativity with strategic precision. In Web Development, I specialize in crafting diverse websites on WordPress, Webflow, and Shopify, marrying design and functionality seamlessly.

Collaborating with SMBs globally, I empower businesses to establish a robust online presence, fostering expansion and sustainable growth.  My journey underscores my unwavering commitment to digital evolution, providing future-proof strategies that consistently deliver results. If you’re seeking a Digital Marketing Specialist who combines technical finesse with creative vision, let’s collaborate.

About this blog

In this blog, I leverage my extensive experience as a Digital Marketing Specialist to provide small business owners with practical insights on building a robust online presence. I share actionable tips, case studies, and how-to guides to help you attract customers, establish a strong brand identity, and effectively reach a global audience through Digital Marketing strategies.